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Have you been told that you make too much money?

"College Funding 123 opened our eyes to the possibilities of sending my son and daughter to the college of their choice without breaking the bank. Not only did we send both children to expensive private schools but did so on a state university price. Absolutely amazing! — Greg M., Livonia, MI

Getting college aid NOT based on need!

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After trying and failing to get financial aid for our oldest child, we went to a workshop at the local library. The speaker was extremely knowledgeable and engaging to the audience. We decided to work with them, and wow, nothing short of amazing. Our next 2 children got large amounts of merit and need based aid we never dreamed we would get considering our past history with the financial aid system. I would highly recommend College Funding 123 to anyone seeking advice.

Joan L.
Joan L. Canton, Ml

If you're wondering how the heck you're going to pay for your child’s college education, take a deep breath and call College Funding 123. You will not regret it. They worked on strategies and information that was totally unknown to us. College Funding 123 helped us get a $27,500 scholarship at Central Michigan University for our daughter and a $63,000 scholarship for our son from Case Western Reserve.

Karen S.
Karen S. Clarkston, MI